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Guile Reference Manual

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39.3 SRFI-1 - List library

The list library defined in SRFI-1 contains a lot of useful list processing procedures for construction, examining, destructuring and manipulating lists and pairs.

Since SRFI-1 also defines some procedures which are already contained in R5RS and thus are supported by the Guile core library, some list and pair procedures which appear in the SRFI-1 document may not appear in this section. So when looking for a particular list/pair processing procedure, you should also have a look at the sections 22.2 Lists and 22.1 Pairs.

39.3.1 Constructors  Constructing new lists.
39.3.2 Predicates  Testing list for specific properties.
39.3.3 Selectors  Selecting elements from lists.
39.3.4 Length, Append, Concatenate, etc.  Length calculation and list appending.
39.3.5 Fold, Unfold & Map  Higher-order list processing.
39.3.6 Filtering and Partitioning  Filter lists based on predicates.
39.3.7 Searching  Search for elements.
39.3.8 Deleting  Delete elements from lists.
39.3.9 Association Lists  Handle association lists.
39.3.10 Set Operations on Lists  Use lists for representing sets.

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