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Guile Reference Manual

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Scheme Procedure: inet-aton address
C Function: scm_inet_aton (address)
Convert an IPv4 Internet address from printable string (dotted decimal notation) to an integer. E.g.,

(inet-aton "") => 2130706433

Scheme Procedure: inet-ntoa inetid
C Function: scm_inet_ntoa (inetid)
Convert an IPv4 Internet address to a printable (dotted decimal notation) string. E.g.,

(inet-ntoa 2130706433) => ""

Scheme Procedure: inet-netof address
C Function: scm_inet_netof (address)
Return the network number part of the given IPv4 Internet address. E.g.,

(inet-netof 2130706433) => 127

Scheme Procedure: inet-lnaof address
C Function: scm_lnaof (address)
Return the local-address-with-network part of the given IPv4 Internet address, using the obsolete class A/B/C system. E.g.,

(inet-lnaof 2130706433) => 1

Scheme Procedure: inet-makeaddr net lna
C Function: scm_inet_makeaddr (net, lna)
Make an IPv4 Internet address by combining the network number net with the local-address-within-network number lna. E.g.,

(inet-makeaddr 127 1) => 2130706433

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