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Guile Reference Manual

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33.3.7 Debugger options

Here is the list of print options generated by typing (debug-options 'full) in Guile. You can also see the default values.

stack           20000   Stack size limit (0 = no check).
debug           yes     Use the debugging evaluator.
backtrace       no      Show backtrace on error.
depth           20      Maximal length of printed backtrace.
maxdepth        1000    Maximal number of stored backtrace frames.
frames          3       Maximum number of tail-recursive frames in backtrace.
indent          10      Maximal indentation in backtrace.
backwards       no      Display backtrace in anti-chronological order.
procnames       yes     Record procedure names at definition.
trace           no      *Trace mode.
breakpoints     no      *Check for breakpoints.
cheap           yes     *Flyweight representation of the stack at traps.

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