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Guile Reference Manual

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33.3 Runtime Options

Guile's runtime behaviour can be modified by setting options. For example, is the language that Guile accepts case sensitive, or should the debugger automatically show a backtrace on error?

Guile has two levels of interface for managing options: a low-level control interface, and a user-level interface which allows the enabling or disabling of options.

Moreover, the options are classified in groups according to whether they configure reading, printing, debugging or evaluating.

33.3.1 Low Level Options Interfaces  
33.3.2 User Level Options Interfaces  
33.3.3 Reader options  
33.3.4 Printing options  
33.3.7 Debugger options  
33.3.5 Evaluator options  
33.3.6 Evaluator trap options  
33.3.8 Examples of option use  

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