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29.2.1 Weak key hashes

Scheme Procedure: make-weak-key-hash-table size
Scheme Procedure: make-weak-value-hash-table size
Scheme Procedure: make-doubly-weak-hash-table size
C Function: scm_make_weak_key_hash_table (size)
C Function: scm_make_weak_value_hash_table (size)
C Function: scm_make_doubly_weak_hash_table (size)
Return a weak hash table with size buckets. As with any hash table, choosing a good size for the table requires some caution.

You can modify weak hash tables in exactly the same way you would modify regular hash tables. (see section 22.7.3 Hash Tables)

Scheme Procedure: weak-key-hash-table? obj
Scheme Procedure: weak-value-hash-table? obj
Scheme Procedure: doubly-weak-hash-table? obj
C Function: scm_weak_key_hash_table_p (obj)
C Function: scm_weak_value_hash_table_p (obj)
C Function: scm_doubly_weak_hash_table_p (obj)
Return #t if obj is the specified weak hash table. Note that a doubly weak hash table is neither a weak key nor a weak value hash table.

Scheme Procedure: make-weak-value-hash-table k

Scheme Procedure: weak-value-hash-table? x

Scheme Procedure: make-doubly-weak-hash-table k

Scheme Procedure: doubly-weak-hash-table? x

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