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Guile Reference Manual

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29.1 Garbage Collection

Scheme Procedure: gc
C Function: scm_gc ()
Scans all of SCM objects and reclaims for further use those that are no longer accessible. You normally don't need to call this function explicitly. It is called automatically when appropriate.

Scheme Procedure: gc-stats
C Function: scm_gc_stats ()
Return an association list of statistics about Guile's current use of storage.

Scheme Procedure: object-address obj
C Function: scm_object_address (obj)
Return an integer that for the lifetime of obj is uniquely returned by this function for obj

Scheme Procedure: unhash-name name
Flushes the glocs for name, or all glocs if name is #t.

Scheme Procedure: malloc-stats
Return an alist ((what . n) ...) describing number of malloced objects. what is the second argument to scm_must_malloc, n is the number of objects of that type currently allocated.

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