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Guile Reference Manual

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26.8 Procedures for Signaling Errors

Guile provides a set of convenience procedures for signaling error conditions that are implemented on top of the exception primitives just described.

Scheme Procedure: error msg args ...
Raise an error with key misc-error and a message constructed by displaying msg and writing args.

Scheme Procedure: scm-error key subr message args data
C Function: scm_error_scm (key, subr, message, args, data)
Raise an error with key key. subr can be a string naming the procedure associated with the error, or #f. message is the error message string, possibly containing ~S and ~A escapes. When an error is reported, these are replaced by formatting the corresponding members of args: ~A (was %s in older versions of Guile) formats using display and ~S (was %S) formats using write. data is a list or #f depending on key: if key is system-error then it should be a list containing the Unix errno value; If key is signal then it should be a list containing the Unix signal number; otherwise it will usually be #f.

Scheme Procedure: strerror err
C Function: scm_strerror (err)
Return the Unix error message corresponding to err, which must be an integer value.

syntax: false-if-exception expr
Returns the result of evaluating its argument; however if an exception occurs then #f is returned instead.

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