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24.2.1 Low Level Property Implementation.

Scheme Procedure: primitive-make-property not_found_proc
C Function: scm_primitive_make_property (not_found_proc)
Create a property token that can be used with primitive-property-ref and primitive-property-set!. See primitive-property-ref for the significance of not_found_proc.

Scheme Procedure: primitive-property-ref prop obj
C Function: scm_primitive_property_ref (prop, obj)
Return the property prop of obj. When no value has yet been associated with prop and obj, call not-found-proc instead (see primitive-make-property) and use its return value. That value is also associated with obj via primitive-property-set!. When not-found-proc is #f, use #f as the default value of prop.

Scheme Procedure: primitive-property-set! prop obj val
C Function: scm_primitive_property_set_x (prop, obj, val)
Associate code with prop and obj.

Scheme Procedure: primitive-property-del! prop obj
C Function: scm_primitive_property_del_x (prop, obj)
Remove any value associated with prop and obj.

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