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Guile Reference Manual

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22. Compound Data Types

This chapter describes Guile's compound data types. By compound we mean that the primary purpose of these data types is to act as containers for other kinds of data (including other compound objects). For instance, a (non-uniform) vector with length 5 is a container that can hold five arbitrary Scheme objects.

The various kinds of container object differ from each other in how their memory is allocated, how they are indexed, and how particular values can be looked up within them.

22.1 Pairs  Scheme's basic building block.
22.2 Lists  Special list functions supported by Guile.
22.3 Vectors  One-dimensional arrays of Scheme objects.
22.4 Records  
22.5 Structures  
22.6 Arrays  Arrays of values.
22.7 Association Lists and Hash Tables  Dictionary data types.

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