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Guile Reference Manual

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6.2 Packages not shipped with Guile

We ship the Guile tutorial and reference manual with the Guile distribution. Since the Scheme standard (R5RS) is a stable document, we ship that too.

Here are references (usually World Wide Web URLs) to some other freely redistributable documents and packages which you might find useful if you are using Guile.

the Scheme Shell. Gary Houston has ported SCSH to Guile. The relevant chapter (see section 46. The Scheme shell (scsh)) has references to the SCSH web page with all its documentation.

a portable Scheme library maintained by Aubrey Jaffer. SLIB can be obtained by ftp from ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/jacal/.

The SLIB package should be unpacked somewhere in Guile's load path. It will typically be unpacked in `/usr/local/share/guile/site', so that it will be `/usr/local/share/guile/site/slib'.

Guile might have been installed with a different prefix, in which case the load path can be checked from inside the interpreter with:

guile> %load-path
("/usr/local/share/guile/site" "/usr/local/share/guile/1.3a" "/usr/local/share/guile" ".")

The relevant chapter (see section 37. SLIB) has details on how to use SLIB with Guile.

a symbolic math package by Aubrey Jaffer. The latest version of Jacal can be obtained from ftp://prep.ai.mit.edu/pub/gnu/jacal/, and should be unpacked in `/usr/local/share/guile/site/slib' so that it will be in `/usr/local/share/guile/site/slib/jacal'.

The relevant section (see section 37.2 JACAL) has details on how to use Jacal.

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