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21.4.6 String Modification

These procedures are for modifying strings in-place. This means that the result of the operation is not a new string; instead, the original string's memory representation is modified.

Scheme Procedure: string-set! str k chr
C Function: scm_string_set_x (str, k, chr)
Store chr in element k of str and return an unspecified value. k must be a valid index of str.

Scheme Procedure: string-fill! str chr
C Function: scm_string_fill_x (str, chr)
Store char in every element of the given string and return an unspecified value.

Scheme Procedure: substring-fill! str start end fill
C Function: scm_substring_fill_x (str, start, end, fill)
Change every character in str between start and end to fill.

(define y "abcdefg")
(substring-fill! y 1 3 #\r)
=> "arrdefg"

Scheme Procedure: substring-move! str1 start1 end1 str2 start2
C Function: scm_substring_move_x (str1, start1, end1, str2, start2)
Copy the substring of str1 bounded by start1 and end1 into str2 beginning at position start2. str1 and str2 can be the same string.

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