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Guile Reference Manual

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21.4.5 String Selection

Portions of strings can be extracted by these procedures. string-ref delivers individual characters whereas substring can be used to extract substrings from longer strings.

Scheme Procedure: string-length string
C Function: scm_string_length (string)
Return the number of characters in string.

Scheme Procedure: string-ref str k
C Function: scm_string_ref (str, k)
Return character k of str using zero-origin indexing. k must be a valid index of str.

Scheme Procedure: string-copy str
C Function: scm_string_copy (str)
Return a newly allocated copy of the given string.

Scheme Procedure: substring str start [end]
C Function: scm_substring (str, start, end)
Return a newly allocated string formed from the characters of str beginning with index start (inclusive) and ending with index end (exclusive). str must be a string, start and end must be exact integers satisfying:

0 <= start <= end <= (string-length str).

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