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Guile Reference Manual

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21.4 Strings

Strings are fixed-length sequences of characters. They can be created by calling constructor procedures, but they can also literally get entered at the REPL or in Scheme source files.

Guile provides a rich set of string processing procedures, because text handling is very important when Guile is used as a scripting language.

Strings always carry the information about how many characters they are composed of with them, so there is no special end-of-string character, like in C. That means that Scheme strings can contain any character, even the NUL character '\0'. But note: Since most operating system calls dealing with strings (such as for file operations) expect strings to be zero-terminated, they might do unexpected things when called with string containing unusual characters.

21.4.1 String Read Syntax  Read syntax for strings.
21.4.2 String Predicates  Testing strings for certain properties.
21.4.3 String Constructors  Creating new string objects.
21.4.4 List/String conversion  Converting from/to lists of characters.
21.4.5 String Selection  Select portions from strings.
21.4.6 String Modification  Modify parts or whole strings.
21.4.7 String Comparison  Lexicographic ordering predicates.
21.4.8 String Searching  Searching in strings.
21.4.9 Alphabetic Case Mapping  Convert the alphabetic case of strings.
21.4.10 Appending Strings  Appending strings to form a new string.

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