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Guile Reference Manual

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21.2.9 Converting Numbers To and From Strings

Scheme Procedure: number->string n [radix]
C Function: scm_number_to_string (n, radix)
Return a string holding the external representation of the number n in the given radix. If n is inexact, a radix of 10 will be used.

Scheme Procedure: string->number string [radix]
C Function: scm_string_to_number (string, radix)
Return a number of the maximally precise representation expressed by the given string. radix must be an exact integer, either 2, 8, 10, or 16. If supplied, radix is a default radix that may be overridden by an explicit radix prefix in string (e.g. "#o177"). If radix is not supplied, then the default radix is 10. If string is not a syntactically valid notation for a number, then string->number returns #f.

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