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Guile Reference Manual

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21.2 Numerical data types

Guile supports a rich "tower" of numerical types -- integer, rational, real and complex -- and provides an extensive set of mathematical and scientific functions for operating on numerical data. This section of the manual documents those types and functions.

You may also find it illuminating to read R5RS's presentation of numbers in Scheme, which is particularly clear and accessible: see See section 21.2 Numerical data types.

21.2.1 Scheme's Numerical "Tower"  Scheme's numerical "tower".
21.2.2 Integers  Whole numbers.
21.2.3 Real and Rational Numbers  Real and rational numbers.
21.2.4 Complex Numbers  Complex numbers.
21.2.5 Exact and Inexact Numbers  Exactness and inexactness.
21.2.6 Read Syntax for Numerical Data  Read syntax for numerical data.
21.2.7 Operations on Integer Values  Operations on integer values.
21.2.8 Comparison Predicates  Comparison predicates.
21.2.9 Converting Numbers To and From Strings  Converting numbers to and from strings.
21.2.10 Complex Number Operations  Complex number operations.
21.2.11 Arithmetic Functions  Arithmetic functions.
21.2.12 Scientific Functions  Scientific functions.
21.2.13 Primitive Numeric Functions  Primitive numeric functions.
21.2.14 Bitwise Operations  Logical AND, OR, NOT, and so on.
21.2.15 Random Number Generation  Random number generation.

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