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19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh

The following C constants and data types are defined in gh:

SCM is a C data type used to store all Scheme data, no matter what the Scheme type. Values are converted between C data types and the SCM type with utility functions described below (see section 19.8 Converting data between C and Scheme). [FIXME: put in references to Jim's essay and so forth.]

Constant: SCM_BOOL_T
Constant: SCM_BOOL_F
The Scheme values returned by many boolean procedures in libguile.

This can cause confusion because they are different from 0 and 1. In testing a boolean function in libguile programming, you must always make sure that you check the spec: gh_ and scm_ functions will usually return SCM_BOOL_T and SCM_BOOL_F, but other C functions usually can be tested against 0 and 1, so programmers' fingers tend to just type if (boolean_function()) { ... }

This is a SCM value that is not the same as any legal Scheme value. It is the value that a Scheme function returns when its specification says that its return value is unspecified.

This is another SCM value that is not the same as any legal Scheme value. It is the value used to mark variables that do not yet have a value, and it is also used in C to terminate functions with variable numbers of arguments, such as gh_list().

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