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Guile Reference Manual

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19. GH: A Portable C to Scheme Interface

This chapter shows how to use the GH interface to call Guile from your application's C code, and to add new Scheme level procedures to Guile whose behaviour is specified by application specific code written in C.

Note, however, that the GH interface is now deprecated, and developers are encouraged to switch to using the scm interface instead. Therefore, for each GH feature, this chapter should also document how to achieve the same result using the scm interface.

19.1 Why the GH Interface is Now Deprecated  Why the GH interface is now deprecated.
19.2 gh preliminaries  
19.3 Data types and constants defined by gh  
19.4 Starting and controlling the interpreter  
19.5 Error messages  
19.6 Executing Scheme code  
19.7 Defining new Scheme procedures in C  
19.8 Converting data between C and Scheme  
19.9 Type predicates  
19.10 Equality predicates  
19.11 Memory allocation and garbage collection  
19.12 Calling Scheme procedures from C  
19.13 Mixing gh and scm APIs  
19.14 Transitioning to the scm Interface  

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