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A Scheme object of type SCM that does not fulfill the SCM_IMP predicate holds an encoded reference to a heap cell. This reference can be decoded to a C pointer to a heap cell using the SCM2PTR macro. The encoding of a pointer to a heap cell into a SCM value is done using the PTR2SCM macro.

Macro: (scm_t_cell *) SCM2PTR (SCM x)
Extract and return the heap cell pointer from a non-immediate SCM object x.

Macro: SCM PTR2SCM (scm_t_cell * x)
Return a SCM value that encodes a reference to the heap cell pointer x.

Note that it is also possible to transform a non-immediate SCM value by using SCM_UNPACK into a scm_t_bits variable. However, the result of SCM_UNPACK may not be used as a pointer to a scm_t_cell: only SCM2PTR is guaranteed to transform a SCM object into a valid pointer to a heap cell. Also, it is not allowed to apply PTR2SCM to anything that is not a valid pointer to a heap cell.


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