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Goops Manual

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Don't forget to import the (oop goops) module


<complex> is in fact a builtin class in GOOPS. Because of this, GOOPS will create a new class. The old class will still serve as the type for Guile's native complex numbers.


With the new definition of <complex>, a <real> is not a <complex> since <real> inherits from <number> rather than <complex>. In practice, inheritance could be modified a posteriori, if needed. However, this necessitates some knowledge of the meta object protocol and it will not be shown in this document


This section is an adaptation of Jeff Dalton's (J.Dalton@ed.ac.uk) Brief introduction to CLOS


The parameter list for a define-method follows the conventions used for Scheme procedures. In particular it can use the dot notation or a symbol to denote an arbitrary number of parameters

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