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Goops Manual

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3. Reference Manual

This chapter is the GOOPS reference manual. It aims to describe all the syntax, procedures, options and associated concepts that a typical application author would need to understand in order to use GOOPS effectively in their application. It also describes what is meant by the GOOPS "metaobject protocol" (aka "MOP"), and indicates how authors can use the metaobject protocol to customize the behaviour of GOOPS itself.

For a detailed specification of the GOOPS metaobject protocol, see 4. MOP Specification.

3.1 Introductory Remarks  
3.2 Defining New Classes  
3.3 Creating Instances  
3.4 Accessing Slots  
3.5 Creating Generic Functions  
3.6 Adding Methods to Generic Functions  
3.7 Invoking Generic Functions  
3.8 Redefining a Class  
3.9 Changing the Class of an Instance  
3.10 Introspection  
3.11 Miscellaneous Functions  

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