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Goops Manual

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3.7.1 Determining Which Methods to Apply

[ *fixme* Sorry - this is the area of GOOPS that I understand least of all, so I'm afraid I have to pass on this section. Would some other kind person consider filling it in? ]

generic: apply-generic
method: apply-generic (gf <generic>) args

generic: compute-applicable-methods
method: compute-applicable-methods (gf <generic>) args

generic: sort-applicable-methods
method: sort-applicable-methods (gf <generic>) methods args

generic: method-more-specific?
method: method-more-specific? (m1 <method>) (m2 <method>) args

generic: apply-method
method: apply-method (gf <generic>) methods build-next args

generic: apply-methods
method: apply-methods (gf <generic>) (l <list>) args

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