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Greg testing framework

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3.3 Why Greg does what it does

Greg was written to support regression testing for the GNUstep libraries. It was inspired by an earlier test framework (by Ovidiu Predescu) that used DejaGNU along with a `driver' program (to make the calls to the library) and a suite of TcL scripts to control the driver.

There were three main problems (inherent in the nature of DejaGNU) with that approach -

So, something different was required, a test framework in a safer, simpler language that made it easy to create thin interfaces to libraries, so simplifying the task of producing testcases.

Of course, the good points of DejaGNU needed to be retained - clear output, Posix compliance, the ability to test separate programs as well as libraries.

A couple of additional goals seemed worthwhile -

Hopefully, Greg meets all its goals.

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