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Greg testing framework

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3.1 How to run a Greg testsuite

To run tests from an existing collection, try running

make check

If the check target exists, it usually saves you some trouble--for instance, it can set up any auxiliary programs or other files needed by the tests.

Alternatively, if you are in the top-level source directory of an existing testsuite (ie. there are subdirectories containing files with a `.scm' extension), you can get the `greg' script to test all the tools in the directory by typing -


Finally, if you just want to run the tests that are in a specific file (or files), you can get the `greg' script to run them simply by listing the files on the command line.

greg a-file-to-run another-file-to-run

or, for verbose output -

greg --verbose a-file-to-run another-file-to-run

If you have a test suite that is intended to be used for `embedded' testing - You need to start the application to be tested, gain access to it's Guile command line (or other guile interface) and enter the commands -

(use-modules (ice-9 greg))

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