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Perfect Hash Function Generator

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Perfect Hash Function Generator

This manual documents the GNU gperf perfect hash function generator utility, focusing on its features and how to use them, and how to report bugs.

GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE  GNU gperf General Public License says how you can copy and share gperf.
Contributors to GNU gperf Utility  People who have contributed to gperf.
1. Introduction  Static search structures and GNU GPERF.
2. Static search structures and GNU gperf  
3. High-Level Description of GNU gperf  High-level discussion of how GPERF functions.
4. Invoking gperf  A description of options to the program.
5. Known Bugs and Limitations with gperf  Known bugs and limitations with GPERF.
6. Things Still Left to Do  Things still left to do.
7. Implementation Details of GNU gperf  Implementation Details for GNU GPERF.
8. Bibliography  Material Referenced in this Report.

Concept Index  

High-Level Description of GNU gperf

3.1 Input Format to gperf  
3.2 Output Format for Generated C Code with gperf  
3.3 Use of NUL characters  

Input Format to gperf

3.1.1 struct Declarations and C Code Inclusion  
3.1.2 Format for Keyword Entries  
3.1.3 Including Additional C Functions  

Invoking gperf

4.1 Options that affect Interpretation of the Input File  
4.2 Options to specify the Language for the Output Code  Specifying the Language for the Output Code
4.3 Options for fine tuning Details in the Output Code  Fine tuning Details in the Output Code
4.4 Options for changing the Algorithms employed by gperf  Changing the Algorithms employed by gperf
4.5 Informative Output  

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