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8. The Board Library

8.1 Board Data structures  Board Data Structures
8.2 Board Functions  Board Setup Functions
8.2.2 Move Functions  
8.2.3 Status Functions  
8.2.4 String and Miscellaneous Functions  

The foundation of the GNU Go engine is a library of very efficient routines for handling go boards. This board library, called `libboard', can be used for those programs that only need a basic go board but no AI capability. One such program is `patterns/joseki.c', which compiles joseki pattern databases from SGF files.

The library consists of the following files:

To use the board library, you must include `liberty.h' just like when you use the whole engine, but of course you cannot use all the functions declared in it, i.e. the functions that are part of the engine, but not part of the board library. You must link your application with libboard.a.

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