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7.2 The SGFTree datatype

Sometimes we just want to record an ongoing game or something similarly simple and not do any sofisticated tree manipulation. In that case we can use the simplified interface provided by SGFTree below.

typedef struct SGFTree_t {
  SGFNode *root;
  SGFNode *lastnode;
} SGFTree;

An SGFTree contains a pointer to the root node of an SGF tree and a pointer to the node that we last accessed. Most of the time this will be the last move of an ongoing game.

Most of the functions which manipulate an SGFTree work exactly like their SGFNode counterparts, except that they work on the current node of the tree.

All the functions below that take arguments tree and node will work on:

  1. node if non-NULL
  2. tree->lastnode if non-NULL
  3. The current end of the game tree.
in that order.

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