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5.8.3 Moyo Display

The option `-m level' can give colored displays of the various quantities which are computed in `engine/moyo.c'.

The regions found by Bouzy's algorithm (see section 17. Moyo) can be displayed with the following options:

`-m level'
 use or (hexadecimal)   cumulative values for printing these reports :
    1       0x01         ascii printing of territorial evaluation (5/21)
    2       0x02         ascii printing of moyo evaluation (5/10)
    4       0x04         ascii printing of area (4/0)

These data are today only used in the score estimation.

The rest of the engine uses instead the new influence algorithm explained in See section 16. Influence Function. To get a colored display of the influence regions found by this module, use `-m 0x18' to see the initial influence, and e.g. `-m 0x10 --debug-influence D5' to see the influence after having made the move D5. There are various other options available for numerical displays influence; for a detailed description see See section 16.11 Colored display and debugging of influence.

These options can be combined by adding the levels.

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