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5.8.1 Dragon Display

You can get a colored ASCII display of the board in which each dragon is assigned a different letter; and the different matcher_status values (ALIVE, DEAD, UNKNOWN, CRITICAL) have different colors. This is very handy for debugging. Actually two diagrams are generated. The reason for this is concerns the way the matcher status is computed. The dragon_status (see section 10.7 Dragons) is computed first, then for some, but not all dragons, a more accurate owl status is computed. The matcher status is the owl status if available; otherwise it is the dragon_status. Both the dragon_status and the owl_status are displayed. The color scheme is as follows:

green = alive
cyan = dead
red = critical
yellow = unknown
magenta = unchecked

To get the colored display, save a game in sgf format using CGoban, or using the `-o' option with GNU Go itself.

Open an xterm or rxvt window.

Execute gnugo -l [filename] -L [movenum] -T to get the colored display.

Other useful colored displays may be obtained by using instead:

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