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5.2 The Output File

If GNU Go is invoked with the option `-o filename' it will produce an output file. This option can be added at the command line in the Go Modem Protocol Setup Window of CGoban. The output file will show the locations of the moves considered and their weights. It is worth noting that by enlarging the CGoban window to its fullest size it can display 3 digit numbers. Dragons with status DEAD are labelled with an `X', and dragons with status CRITICAL are labelled with a `!'.

If you have a game file which is not commented this way, or which was produced by a non-current version of GNU Go you may ask GNU Go to produce a commented version by running:

gnugo --quiet -l <old file> --replay <color> -o <new file>

Here <color> can be 'black,' 'white' or 'both'. The replay option will also help you to find out if your current version of GNU Go would play differently than the program that created the file.

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