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1.4 Thanks

We would like to thank Arthur Britto, Tim Hunt, Piotr Lakomy, Paul Leonard, Jean-Louis Martineau, Andreas Roever and Pierce Wetter for helpful correspondence. Thanks to everyone who stepped on a bug (and sent us a report)!

Thanks to Gary Boos, Peter Gucwa, Martijn van der Kooij, Michael Margolis, Trevor Morris, Måns Ullerstam, Don Wagner and Yin Zheng for help with Visual C++.

Thanks to Alan Crossman, Stephan Somogyi, Pierce Wetter and Mathias Wagner for help with Macintosh. And thanks to Marco Scheurer and Shigeru Mabuchi for helping us find various problems.

Thanks to Jessie Annala for the Handtalk games.

Special thanks to Ebba Berggren for creating our logo, based on a design by Tanguy Urvoy and comments by Alan Crossman. The old GNU Go logo was adapted from Jamal Hannah's typing GNU: http://www.gnu.org/graphics/atypinggnu.html. Both logos can be found in `doc/newlogo.*' and `doc/oldlogo.*'.

We would like to thank Stuart Cracraft, Richard Stallman and Man Lung Li for their interest in making this program a part of GNU, William Shubert for writing CGoban and gmp.c, Rene Grothmann for Jago and Erik van Riper and his collaborators for NNGS.

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