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5. Analyzing GNU Go's moves

In this chapter we will discuss methods of finding out how GNU Go understands a given position. These methods will be of interest to anyone working on the program, or simply curious about its workings.

In practice, most tuning of GNU Go is done in conjunction with maintaining the `regression/' directory (see section 21. Regression testing).

We assume that you have a game GNU Go played saved as an sgf file, and you want to know why it made a certain move.

5.1 Interpreting Traces  Analyzing traces in GNU Go 3.2
5.2 The Output File  
5.3 Checking the reading code  
5.4 Checking the Owl code  Checking the owl code
5.5 GTP and GDB techniques  
5.6 Debugboard  
5.7 Scoring the game  Finding out the winner of the game
5.8 Colored Display  

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