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3.4 GNU Go mode in Emacs

You can run GNU Go from Emacs. This has the advantage that you place the stones using the cursor arrow keys. This may require Emacs 20.4 or later--it has been tested with Emacs 20.4 but does not work with Emacs 19 or Emacs 20.2.

Load `interface/gnugo.el', either by M-x load-file, or by copying the file into your `site-lisp' directory and adding a line

(autoload 'gnugo "gnugo" "GNU Go" t)

in your `.emacs' file.

Now you may start GNU Go by M-x gnugo. You will be prompted for command line options see section 3.9 Invoking GNU Go: Command line options. Using these, you may set the handicap, board size, color and komi.

You can enter commands from the GNU Go ASCII interface after typing `:'. For example, to take a move back, type `:back', or to list all commands, type `:help'.

Here are the default keybindings:

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