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3.2 Running GNU Go via CGoban

This is an extremely nice way to run GNU Go. CGoban provides a beautiful graphic user interface under X-Windows.

Start CGoban. When the CGoban Control panel comes up, select "Go Modem". You will get the Go Modem Protocol Setup. Choose one (or both) of the players to be "Program," and fill out the box with the path to gnugo. After clicking OK, you get the Game Setup window. Choose "Rules Set" to be Japanese (otherwise handicaps won't work). Set the board size and handicap if you want.

If you want to play with a komi, you should bear in mind that the GMP does not have any provision for communicating the komi. Because of this misfeature, unless you set the komi at the command line GNU Go will have to guess it. It assumes the komi is 5.5 for even games, 0.5 for handicap games. If this is not what you want, you can specify the komi at the command line with the `--komi' option, in the Go Modem Protocol Setup window. You have to set the komi again in the Game Setup window, which comes up next.

Click OK and you are ready to go.

In the Go Modem Protocol Setup window, when you specify the path to GNU Go, you can give it command line options, such as `--quiet' to suppress most messages. Since the Go Modem Protocol preempts standard I/O other messages are sent to stderr, even if they are not error messages. These will appear in the terminal from which you started CGoban.

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