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2.3.5 Running GNU Go on Windows NT and Windows 95/98

GNU Go does not come with its own graphical user interface. The Java client jago can be used.

To run Jago you need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE). This can be obtained from http://www.javasoft.com/. This is the runtime part of the Java Development Kit (JDK) and consists of the Java virtual machine, Java platform core classes, and supporting files. The Java virtual machine that comes with I.E. 5.0 works also.

Jago: http://www.rene-grothmann.de/jago/

  1. Invoke GNU Go with gnugo --quiet --mode gmp
  2. Run gnugo --help from a cygwin or DOS window for a list of options
  3. optionally specify --level <level> to make the game faster

Jago works well with both the Cygwin and MinGW32 executables. The DJGPP executable also works, but has some problems in the interaction with jago after the game has been finished and scored.

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