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Concept Index: P -- Z

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Index Entry Section

pattern attributes12.2 Pattern Attributes
pattern database12.1 Overview
pattern database13. The DFA pattern matcher
pattern matching12.1 Overview
pattern matching13. The DFA pattern matcher
pattern matching optimization12.14 Implementation Details
pattern overview12.1 Overview
pattern.c12.1 Overview
pattern.h12.1 Overview
Persistent reading cache14.2.5 Persistent Reading Cache
position14.2.1 Calculation of the hash value
position struct6.1 How to use the engine in your own program: getting started
potential cutting stone10.1 Worms
product13. The DFA pattern matcher

Read result14.2.2 Organization of the hash table
Reading code14. Tactical reading
Reading code debugging tools14.9 Debugging the reading code
reading DEPTH14. Tactical reading
Reading optimisation14.2 Hashing of Positions
Reading process14. Tactical reading
reading return codes14.1 Reading Basics
reading shadow14.2.5 Persistent Reading Cache
reading.c14. Tactical reading
reading.c14.1 Reading Basics
reading.h14. Tactical reading
return codes14.1 Reading Basics

scoring5.7 Scoring the game
SGF (Smart Go Format)3.8 Smart Go Format
SGF files in memory7. Handling SGF trees in memory
shape attributes12.2 Pattern Attributes
size (dragon)10.7 Dragons
Smart Go Format3.8 Smart Go Format
Speedup of reading process14.2 Hashing of Positions
status (dragon)10.7 Dragons
status, owl (dragon)10.7 Dragons
string4.1 Definitions
string10. Worms and Dragons
superstring4.1 Definitions
superstring18.1 General Utilities
symmetry and transformations12.13 Symmetry and transformations
symmetry and transformations of shapes12.13 Symmetry and transformations

teaching josekis to GNU Go12.16 The Joseki Compiler
territory16.1 Conceptual Outline of Influence
The Go Modem Protocol and Go Text Protocol3.6 The Go Modem Protocol and Go Text Protocol
the joseki compiler12.16 The Joseki Compiler
traces5.1 Interpreting Traces
Transposition table14.2 Hashing of Positions
Trying hypothetical moves14. Tactical reading
tuning GNU Go5.1 Interpreting Traces
tuning the pattern database12.11 Tuning the Pattern databases
tuning the shapes database12.11 Tuning the Pattern databases

Usage of the stack in reading14. Tactical reading

worm4.1 Definitions
worm10. Worms and Dragons
worm10.1 Worms
worm closure10. Worms and Dragons

Zobrist hashing algorithm14.2 Hashing of Positions

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