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21.2 Test suites

The regression tests are grouped into suites and stored in files as GTP commands. A part of a test suite can look as follows:
# Connecting with ko at B14 looks best. Cutting at D17 might be
# considered. B17 (game move) is inferior.
loadsgf games/strategy25.sgf 61
90 gg_genmove black
#? [B14|D17]

# The game move at P13 is a suicidal blunder.
loadsgf games/strategy25.sgf 249
95 gg_genmove black
#? [!P13]

loadsgf games/strategy26.sgf 257
100 gg_genmove black
#? [M16]*

Lines starting with a hash sign, or in general anything following a hash sign, are interpreted as comments by the GTP mode and thus ignored by the engine. GTP commands are executed in the order they appear, but only those on numbered lines are used for testing. The comment lines starting with #? are magical to the regression testing scripts and indicate correct results and expected pass/fail status. The string within brackets is matched as a regular expression against the response from the previous numbered GTP command. A particular useful feature of regular expressions is that by using `|' it is possible to specify alternatives. Thus B14|D17 above means that if either B14 or D17 is the move generated in test case 90, it passes. There is one important special case to be aware of. If the correct result string starts with an exclamation mark, this is excluded from the regular expression but afterwards the result of the matching is negated. Thus !P13 in test case 95 means that any move except P13 is accepted as a correct result.

In test case 100, the brackets on the #? line is followed by an asterisk. This means that the test is expected to fail. If there is no asterisk, the test is expected to pass. The brackets may also be followed by a `&', meaning that the result is ignored. This is primarily used to report statistics, e.g. how many tactical reading nodes were spent while running the test suite.

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