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2.3.1 Windows 95/98, MS-DOS and Windows 3.x using DJGPP

On these platforms DJGPP can be used. GNU Go installation has been tested in a DOS-Box with long filenames on Windows 95/98. GNU Go compiles out-of-the box with the DJGPP port of GCC using the standard Unix build and install procedure.

Some URLs for DJGPP:

DJGPP home page: http://www.delorie.com/djgpp/

DJGPP ftp archive on simtel:



Once you have a working DJGPP environment and you have downloaded the gnugo source available as gnugo-3.2.tar.gz you can build the executable as follows:

       tar zxvf gnugo-3.2.tar.gz
       cd gnugo-3.2

Optionally you can download glib for DJGPP to get a working version of snprintf.

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