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15.2 Functions in `owl.c'

In this section we list the non-static functions in `owl.c'. Note that calls to owl_attack and owl_defend should be made only when stackp==0. If you want to set up a position, then use the owl code to analyze it, you may call do_owl_attack and do_owl_defend with stackp>0 but first you must set up the goal and boundary arrays. See owl_does_defend and owl_substantial for examples.

The reason that we do not try to write a general owl_attack which works when stackp>0 is that we make use of cached information in the calls to same_dragon from the (static) function owl_mark_dragon. This requires the dragon data to be current, which it is not when stackp>0.

As with the tactical reading code, return codes are WIN, 0, or KO_A or KO_B if the position is ko. Thus for example owl_attack()

The public functions in `owl.c' are:

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