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14.7 Superstrings

A superstring is an extended string, where the extensions are through the following kinds of connections:

  1. Solid connections (just like ordinary string).
  2. Diagonal connection or one space jump through an intersection where an opponent move would be suicide or self-atari.
  3. Bamboo joint.
  4. Diagonal connection where both adjacent intersections are empty.
  5. Connection through adjacent or diagonal tactically captured stones. Connections of this type are omitted when the superstring code is called from `reading.c', but included when the superstring code is called from `owl.c'.

Like a dragon, a superstring is an amalgamation of strings, but it is a much tighter organization of stones than a dragon, and its purpose is different. Superstrings are encountered already in the tactical reading because sometimes attacking or defending an element of the superstring is the best way to attack or defend a string. This is in contrast with dragons, which are ignored during tactical reading.

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