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14. Tactical reading

The process of visualizing potential moves done by you and your opponent to learn the result of different moves is called "reading". GNU Go does three distinct types of reading: tactical reading which typically is concerned with the life and death of individual strings, Owl reading which is concerned with the life and death of dragons, and life reading which attempts evaluate eye spaces. In this Chapter, we document the tactical reading code, which is in `engine/reading.c'. For a summary of the reading functions see See section 14.8 Reading Functions.

14.1 Reading Basics  
14.2 Hashing of Positions  Hashing of positions
14.2.5 Persistent Reading Cache  
14.3 Ko Handling  Ko handling
14.4 A Ko Example  
14.5 Another Ko Example  
14.6 Alternate Komaster Schemes  
14.7 Superstrings  
14.8 Reading Functions  Utilities from `engine/reading.c'
14.9 Debugging the reading code  

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