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13.0.5 Incremental Algorithm

The incremental version of the DFA pattern matcher is not yet implemented in gnugo but we explain here how it will work. By definition of a deterministic automaton, scanning the same string will reach the same states every time.

Each reached state during pattern matching is stored in a stack top_stack[i][j] and state_stack[i][j][stack_idx] We use one stack by intersection (i,j). A precomputed reverse path list allows to know for each couple of board intersections (x,y) its position reverse(x,y) in the spiral scan path starting from (0,0).

When a new stone is put on the board at (lx,ly), the only work of the pattern matcher is:


 for(each stone on the board at (i,j))
    if(reverse(lx-i,ly-j) < top_stack[i][j])
         begin the dfa scan from the state

In most situations reverse(lx-i,ly-j) will be inferior to top_stack[i][j]. This should speedup a lot pattern matching.

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