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11. Eyes and Half Eyes

The purpose of this Chapter is to describe the algorithm used in GNU Go 3.0 to determine eyes. There are actually two alternative algorithms: the graph-based algorithm in `optics.c', and the algorithm based on reading in `life.c'. The life code is slower than the graph based algorithm, but sometimes more accurate. You can enable it by using the option `--life'.

11.1 Local games  
11.2 Eye spaces  Eye space
11.3 The eyespace as local game  Eye space as local game
11.4 An example  
11.5 Graphs  Underlying graphs
11.6 Eye shape analysis  Pattern matching
11.7 Topology of Half Eyes and False Eyes  False eyes and half eyes
11.8 Eye Topology with Ko  False eyes and half eyes with ko
11.9 False Margins  False margins
11.10 Functions in `optics.c'  

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