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10.8 Colored Dragon Display

You can get a colored ASCII display of the board in which each dragon is assigned a different letter; and the different values of dragon.status values (ALIVE, DEAD, UNKNOWN, CRITICAL) have different colors. This is very handy for debugging. A second diagram shows the values of owl.status. If this is UNCHECKED the dragon is displayed in White.

Save a game in sgf format using CGoban, or using the `-o' option with GNU Go itself.

Open an xterm or rxvt window. You may also use the Linux console. Using the console, you may need to use "SHIFT-PAGE UP" to see the first diagram. Xterm will only work if it is compiled with color support--if you do not see the colors try rxvt. Make the background color black and the foreground color white.


gnugo -l [filename] -L [movenum] -T to get the colored display.

The color scheme: Green = ALIVE; Yellow = UNKNOWN; Cyan = DEAD and Red = CRITICAL. Worms which have been amalgamated into the same dragon are labelled with the same letter.

Other useful colored displays may be obtained by using instead:

The colored displays are documented elsewhere (see section 5.8 Colored Display).

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