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10.4 Amalgamation of strings

Amalgamation of nonempty worms in GNU Go 3.0 proceeds as follows. First we amalgamate all boundary components of an eyeshape. Thus in the following example:

.OOOO.       The four X strings are amalgamated into a 
OOXXO.       single dragon because they are the boundary
OX..XO       components of a blackbordered cave. The
OX..XO       cave could contain an inessential string
OOXXO.       with no effect on this amalgamation.

The code for this type of amalgamation is in the routine dragon_eye(), discussed further in EYES.

Next, we amalgamate strings which seem uncuttable. We amalgamate dragons which either share two or more common liberties, or share one liberty into the which the opponent cannot play without being captured. (ignores ko rule).

   X.    X.X     XXXX.XXX         X.O
   .X    X.X     X......X         X.X
                 XXXXXX.X         OXX

A database of connection patterns may be found in `patterns/conn.db'.

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