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Keeping Track

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4.8.3 Timely reminders

at-pr creates a queued job using at which, after an allotted response time is past, checks the PR to see if its state has changed from `open'. When the PR is originally filed, file-pr checks the notify-about-expired-prs parameter in the `dbconfig' file. If this parameter is set to true, file-pr calls at-pr, which sets up the expiry check.

The `submitters' file contains the response time for each >Submitter-Id: (see section The submitters file). The time is determined in business hours, which are defined in the database's `dbconfig' file (see section Overall database configuration).

If the PR is urgent and is still open after the requisite time period has passed, at-pr sends a reminder to the GNATS administrator, to the maintainer responsible for that submitter, and to the maintainer responsible for the PR with the following message:

To: submitter-contact responsible gnats-admin
Subject: PR gnats-id not analyzed in #hours hours

PR gnats-id was not analyzed within the acknowledgment period
of #hours business hours.  The pertinent information is:

 Submitter-Id: submitter
 Originator: full name of the submitter
 Synopsis: synopsis
 Person responsible for the PR: responsible

The GNU Problem Report Management System (GNATS)

The PR is urgent if its priority is `critical' or if its priority is `serious' and the severity is `high'.

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