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Keeping Track

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4.7.5 Checking database health

The `check-db' script is useful for performing periodic checks on database health. It accepts the following options:

-d databasename
Determines the database which to operate on.

Check all GNATS databases on the system. This option takes precedence over the --database option.

If no option is given, the default database is checked.

During its operation, check-db first attempts to lock database. If this is not possible, it repeats the locking attempts for five minutes; if it fails, it sends a mail message notifying the administrator of the failure and exits.

Once the database is locked, the script searches the database for lock files that are more than 24 hours old. Any old lock files are reported to the administrator in a mail message.

After checking for old lock files, it calls gen-index (see section Regenerating the index) and compares the results with the current `index' file of the database; any inconsistencies are reported to the administrators in a mail message. After checking the index file for inconsistencies, the script unlocks the database and exits.

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