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Keeping Track

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4.3 The dbconfig file

The `dbconfig' configuration file controls the configuration of a GNATS database. Each database has its own individual copy of this file, which is located in the `gnats-adm' subdirectory of the database.

The file consists of standard plain text. Whitespace is completely optional and is ignored. Sets of braces `@' are used to delimit the different sections, and all non-keyword values must be surrounded with double quotes. The values in `dbconfig' can be changed at any time; the new values take effect for all subsequent iterations of GNATS tools.

The `dbconfig' file contains 6 major sections, which must appear in the following order:

The different sections are described below. While reading the following sections, it will be useful to refer to the sample `dbconfig' file which is installed when a new database is initialized with the mkdb tool. In fact, the sample file provides a configuration that should be usable for a great range of sites, since it reproduces the behaviour of the older, less customizable 3.x versions of GNATS.

4.3.1 Overall database configuration  
4.3.2 Individual field configuration  
4.3.3 Field datatypes  
4.3.4 Edit controls  Trigger on certain edit actions.
4.3.5 Named query definitions  Define and name standard queries.
4.3.6 Audit-trail formats  Specify formatting of the audit-trail.
4.3.7 Outgoing email formats  Specify contents and formatting of messages sent out by GNATS.
4.3.8 Index file description  Specify the general format and contents of the database index.
4.3.9 Initial PR input fields  Which fields should be present on initial PR entry.

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