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Keeping Track

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3.7.1 User tools on a local network

If all the machines involved reside on the same local network as the GNATS server, you can simply share out the directories on the server that contain the user tools, by default `/usr/local/bin' and the directory which contains the `send-pr.conf' configuration file (see section The send-pr.conf configuration file), by default `/usr/local/etc/gnats'. If you have a heterogeneous environment, i.e. hosts running different operating systems, you need to create several shared GNATS installations, one for each platform. The `send-pr.conf' file is platform-independent, though.

In order to submit a new PR, send-pr would then be invoked as follows on the client machines:

send-pr -d hostname:port:database:username:password

Or by first setting the environment variable GNATSDB as follows (the exact syntax will vary depending on what shell you use):

export GNATSDB=hostname:port:database:username:password

Then, send-pr can simply be invoked without any options.

The other tools, query-pr and edit-pr, work in similar ways, honoring the -d option as well as the GNATSDB environment variable. See section 2. The GNATS User Tools.

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