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Keeping Track

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3.3 Installing the default database

For the following steps, log in as the user gnats.

We are now going to initialize the default GNATS database. Run the following command:

mkdb default

This creates a database named default, with all its data stored below the directory `prefix/com/gnatsdb', in a default installation this corresponds to `/usr/local/com/gnatsdb'. If you specified the --with-gnats-default-db option when running configure, the default database will be created under the directory you specified instead. mkdb creates the database directory itself, together with three different subdirectories(2):

The next configuration step is to edit the default files copied to the database's `gnats-adm' directory by mkdb.

The default `dbconfig' file installed by mkdb provides a good basis for many GNATS databases. The default file causes similar behaviour to the 3.x versions of GNATS. However, even if this might be precisely what you want, you should still go through the file and check that the default settings suit your needs. See section The `dbconfig' file.

Then edit the files `categories', `responsible', and `submitters' in the `gnats-adm' directory (see section Other database-specific config files) to reflect your local needs. For special configurations, you may also have to edit the `states' and `classes' files.

If you used the --with-gnats-default-db option in the pre-build configure to change the location of the default database, you need to edit the `databases' config file, see The `databases file'. This file is by default located in the `prefix/etc/gnats' directory, but may have been changed by the option --with-gnats-dblist-file option during configure.

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