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Keeping Track

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2.5 The Emacs interface to GNATS

Emacs interface to GNATS provides basic access to GNATS databases, i.e. sending, editing, and querying Problem Reports. It also defines a simple major mode for editing `dbconfig' files.

This section provides an overview of using GNATS with Emacs. It does not describe the use of Emacs itself, for detailed instructions on using Emacs, see section `Top' in GNU Emacs. For installation instructions of the GNATS Emacs mode, see 3.2 Installing the utilities.

Please note the Emacs interface was completely rewritten between GNATS 3 and GNATS 4. It now uses gnatsd, B. The GNATS network server -- gnatsd, exclusively for its operations and uses modern Emacs features like faces. Its features are not complete though, you can send your suggestions and patches to the appropriate GNATS mailing list, F. GNATS support.

2.5.1 Viewing Problem Reports  Viewing PRs by their number.
2.5.2 Querying Problem Reports  Querying the database.
2.5.3 Submitting new Problem Reports  Submitting new PRs.
2.5.4 Editing Problem Reports  Editing PRs.
2.5.5 The Problem Report editing buffer  The editing buffer.
2.5.6 Changing the database  Changing the working database.
2.5.7 dbconfig mode  Major mode for dbconfig files.
2.5.8 Other commands  Miscellaneous commands.
2.5.9 Customization  Customizing the Emacs interface.

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